'Crossing and Blending' CD available on CD Baby.

Maria has released 2 electro pop EP's and several Singles/Remixes under the moniker Milán:

Milán - Remixes
Milán - Voices (Single)
Milán - You (Single)

... and also appears on the following recordings:

Lunatic - Irresistable
Lovecat - I don't buy it
Lunatic - Compliance
Mark Murphy - Slip Away
David Bronson - Questions
Dan Weiss - Fourteen
Mesta Bish - Kaley Victoria Rose
David Bronson - The Long Lost
Anne Mette Iversen - Poetry of Earth
David Bronson - Story
Samir Zarif - Starting Point
Lars Dietrich - Breek De Grond
Donald Vega - Tomorrows
Mark Murphy - To Find You There
The Mahavishnu Project - Return to the Emerald Beyond